A sunshiny day, Sonja was eager to play softball with her friends. On her journey to the park and search for friends to play with she invites two girls who join up with her as mystically as they appear. Sonja's new friends prove to be more than what she could have ever imagined. Her quest was to have a fun time playing softball. However, the adventure would surely be a trip full of self-reflection and self-discovery. The two girls end up being the images of rejection and sadness that would teach Sonja a big lesson to forgive herself, love herself and to not carry the load of life on her back...starting, first, with the face in the mirrors.


"The Wonder Twinzz"


Latricia Gittens and Felicia Kim also known as The Wonder Twinzz, native of Macon, Georgia. One is a Sergeant on the Police Department and the other one works as a Paraprofessional Teacher. Both work at the Bibb County School District. They started this venture because they experienced mental and physical abuse as young women. They saw the need to be of service to young girls and other women. Their desire to empower  and inspire have become their aspirational goal. The Wonder Twinzz have been through many obstacles and through faith in God and in themselves they were able to conquer all adversities.

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The Wonder Twinzz
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